get to know us

designed ethically and sustainably in los angeles, all the babies is a european-inspired baby and adult clothing brand with a mission to give back to babies in need. we are so excited to take you on our journey from start to finish x

mother daughter duo

when elkin was pregnant with jenny drew, she started a baby clothing company with her best friend. 25 years later, jenny drew sought to do the same thing, but with a bigger mission. today, they are working side by side to tell a story that is bigger than clothes. to create a community that welcomes everyone, no matter what stage of life they are in. all the babies. all the love. all the time.

wear. grow. give.

babies outgrow their clothes so quickly in the first two years of life. we offer the option to send back your gently used all the babies clothing, so we can hand deliver each piece to a baby in need. our model is about creating a movement, letting stories live on from one mom to the next, one baby to the next – wear. grow. give.

core values

be inclusive – because everyone deserves all the love, all the time.
keep it simple – it’s not just in the simplicity of our design, it’s to support a simple life where you can also simply make a difference.
activate empathy – because having the energy to give back, moves us forward. cultivate community – as we come together we grow, give, and love with courage. stay inspired – hold onto what you’ve lived in the past, feel in the moment, and want for the future.