mom to mom with jen

mom to mom with jen

Meet Jen Frasher. 

New York based mama to sweet baby girl Panther (almost 2yrs old). She teaches kundalini yoga and pre/post natal care, and plays the gong. We sat down (virtually) to hear Jen’s authentic truth, her story, her advice, her love. We hope that this conversation either guides you before becoming a mom or inspires you as a mom to know that you aren’t alone. #MomToMom

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself –– what do you do for a living; what fuels your spirit, all the fun and interesting Jen things that there is to know? 
When people ask me what I do for a living I usually respond with “I live!” More often than not you can find me, and my family on a beach somewhere in the world. We love the ocean, the outdoors, wearing little to no clothing, traveling, meeting new people and making new friends. Learning new things from nature or people is what fuels my soul. Oh, and I teach Kundalini yoga and play the Gong (that also fuels my soul!)

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Q: What has your journey into motherhood looked like?
Every type of weather in one day is what sums up my motherhood journey. And like all weather, there is beauty.

Q: Did you always want to be a mom? 
YES! I knew I not only wanted to be a mom but I wanted to create a family, to find that perfect someone to have children with. And I did.

Q: Did you experience any hardships with getting pregnant or being pregnant?  If so, how did you cope with that and handle it? Any advice?
I got pregnant easily and had an incredibly healthy and happy pregnancy. I attribute this to my practice of kundalini yoga. We have special practices for fertility, pre/post natal such as, calling in a soul, diet, exercise, mantra meditations and so much more.  I recommend this practice to ALL women who are thinking about getting pregnant. Kundalini yoga is a miracle worker and has completely changed my life for the better. (Feel free to contact me for more pre/post natal kundalini info - This practice also prepared me for the labor and birthing of Panther, who was born at home surrounded by the most loving and supportive people. 

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Q: What does being a mom mean to you? 
Being a mom is an opportunity in all forms, an opportunity to love, to serve, to observe, to learn and to grow.  A child can be the greatest teacher if you allow them to be, which means to get out of your own head, your own way and allow for something else. Being a mom is an opportunity to view yourself under a microscope and adjust whatever thoughts or actions aren’t in your (and your child’s) highest and best interest.  Every day you get to ask the questions, “Who do I want to be? What will my child learn from me? How can I do better?” Knowing that they are just a reflection of you. I really feel that being a mom is the best spiritual gift you can give yourself.  

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Q: Do you have a specific story or experience that you want to share that really shaped your experience as a mother? Good, bad, ugly?  
I think my experience as a mother is constantly being shaped moment-to-moment.  People are right when they say it goes by so fast and kids change every day. The biggest thing that has come to the surface for me is my anger.  Yes, kids really do push ALL of your buttons, and sometimes all at once! I have done my fair share of losing patience, getting angry or overly emotional.  So this is where I learn and where I take back control. This is my work. 

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Q: Do you have any advice for moms to be or current mamas?
Create a daily practice to reconnect to your Self.  Include breath, movement, meditation and nature.  It doesn’t matter what time of the day and it doesn’t matter what it “looks” like, but you need to MAKE the time for it.  Just YOU.  Also the first 40 days post-natal period is super important. I really encourage new “moms to be” to set up as much help as possible so they can just relax at home, snuggling with their new babe.  When women can rest during those first 40 days, their bodies fully heal from the pregnancy and labor. I think that women have so much pressure these days to get back to “work” after having a baby. And while many women need to get back to work and unfortunately maternity leave in the USA is not the best, it is SO important for a women’s physical and mental health to just stay home and relax! You are a new women after birthing another human. Sit with yourself, be with yourself, and love yourself.  The whole universe is inside your baby’s eyes. Drink it in. 

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Q: Does your spirituality and work help you stay grounded as a mother? What practices do you do to keep your contagious positivity alive?
I believe that spirituality is whatever moves your spirit. It’s helpful to know what that is before becoming a mother. I’ve been practicing kundalini yoga for 10+years. So yes, my practice does keep me grounded, but it more so reminds me to stay in the present moment, whatever that moment looks like, to listen to my daughter and allow her to guide me. My practice reminds me to surrender.  In that surrendering, there is such joy and light heartedness! And as always, find the humor in it all. We joke and laugh a LOT in our home.  

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Q: Anything else you want to add or share?
I don’t know what I would do without my baby-making partner in love, Alex.  Not only is he the most awesome, loving, patient, father, he consistently holds me accountable for my actions and emotions.  Encouraging me to be not just a better mother, but also a better human.  He is my constant reminder to not take myself so seriously and stay in the vibration of love.  And everyone in the house benefits from that!

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See what Jen is up to on instagram @jenfrasher and check out her amazing website for her kundalini classes + more.
We are going to continue posting more of these authentic stories, so like, comment, and share to your friends! If you know someone that you think would be a good fit for these interviews, please reach out to us at so we can tell their story and keep creating a #MomToMomMovement. 

all the babies.
all the love.
all the time.


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