process + materials

what makes you a sustainable company? 

sustainability is super important to us. all of our packaging is made from recycled materials and should always be recycled after use. we use 100% organic fabrics that break down easier, can be re-used through our giveback and, if too damaged, turned into other textiles to avoid waste. we use low-impact dyes which use less water and energy than the classic dyeing process. 

what is small batch production?

small batch production means that we are not over producing "seasonal" or "on trend" pieces, and that we are making a small amount to avoid as much waste as possible. we would rather sell out of cozies, than make too many cozies. small batch production is connected to being a SLOW fashion brand, not a FAST fashion brand. since we make things in smaller batches, it costs us more to produce our clothing. a lot of other companies, over produce in large bulk to save money, but not us. we do anything we can to avoid as much landfill waste as possible and we are so proud of our practices.

our standard production time takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks, and our standard production order is typically no more than 200 pieces at a time. 

are you made in the USA?

yes! we are so proud that every operation of our business from fabric, to cut, to sew, to dye is happily made here in los angeles, california. our raw organic cotton comes from India, but is milled here at our factory in montebello. aka made in the USA! we work so hard to be able to offer you a sustainably and ethically made product, while keeping our products as affordable as possible.

do you use GOTS certified organic cotton?

yes! our cotton is 100% organic and GOTS certified, and the organic nature of the clothes is NOT compromised in the dyeing process. 

do you use polyester or cotton thread?

all of our thread is cotton! you never have to worry about compromising on quality when you shop with us. even our labels are woven.

how do you dye your clothing?

we dye all of our clothing using low impact garment dyes. basically, what garment dye means is that we only dye the pieces in new colors as we produce them. this allows for us to use our PFD (prepared for dying) 100% GOTS certified organic cotton that we cut and sew, without having to dye it all at once, but having the freedom to choose multiple colors. 

pre dying fabric calls for large minimums, and we don't like banking on a seasonal color and over producing that color, when we can just dye as we go. it's more environmentally savvy, and prevents waste. especially because less water is used in the low impact, garment dying process.

does garment dyeing affect the consistency of the color?

great question! when we produce our products, sometimes certain styles go into dye separately from the other styles. this means that there can be subtle dye variations. while all of the pieces we produce are typically consistent, there definitely are moments where some color ways are slightly varied between styles.

this is just part of the garment dye process! it means that you may get a unique variation and that is all a part of the beauty. it may be slightly noticeable to the eye, but wearing the pieces, they still look practically identical. 

if there is slight dye variation, please know that the colors were still dyed using the exact same formula and pantone, but sometimes that formula can create a slightly different pigment that is still in the same color-way that matches our website.

are your dyes safe for the baby?

yes! the dye house we use is completely non-toxic, lead free, sulfate free, low impact, and low energy. none of the dyes are on the AOZ prohibited list. 

a big reason why we sought out for top quality fabrics and low impact dyes is because of the sensitive nature of lil' babes skin.

how do i wash your pieces?

all of our pieces are pre shrunk, so you don't have to worry about shrinkage. please machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry and/or hang to dry. we kindly ask that if it is your first time washing the pieces, to do so on their own to avoid any potential dye spillover. 

for example, if you ordered a bright blue wave piece and a yellow butter piece, please wash separately for their first wash. from there, you can proceed to wash the items as "darks" or as "whites" together. 

we are not responsible for what happens after you wash your cozies.

our giveback

how does your giveback work? 

all orders come with a return label and giveback card. once your lil' one outgrows their cozies, simply send back the attached return label with the outgrown cozies. once we receive your items, we will inspect, clean, and make sure they are fresh and ready to go to a new home.

after we have received your items, we will send you an email with a discount code to go towards your next order. we hand deliver the items to babies in need through our partnership with the elizabeth house here in los angeles.

is it free to send back a giveback?

yes! all givebacks are free. thank you so much for helping babies in need.

what if the clothes are too damaged to send back?

we ask that you wash your clothes before sending them back. if they are still too damaged to give to a baby in need, we will work through a 3rd party manufacturer to turn them into textiles and recreate the fabric in another way that doesn’t go to waste.

can I send clothes back that aren’t clothes that you sell? 

great question. while we believe in giving back always, at this time we are unable to take any additional clothes that aren’t all the babies brand. that being said, we are working towards partnerships that will ultimately enable us to give more than just our clothes. 

shipping + returns

do you ship worldwide?

yes! but unfortunately, with worldwide shipping comes customs/duties fees that we cannot be responsible for. we do not yet have the technology to pre pay for the customs/duties from our end. 

please be aware that if you are shipping internationally, you must incur whatever customs/shipping fees come your way, which varies per country, per weight/price/size of package.

do you offer free shipping?

we offer free shipping within the U.S. on orders over $150, and flat rate $7 shipping for orders below that price. depending on the weight of your package and where it's going, it can also be less than the $7 flat rate shipping fee.

are returns/exchanges free?

at this time, we are no longer offering free returns/exchanges. if you wish to make a return, we will send you a return label and the price (most likely between $5-$10) will be deducted from your return.

if you are making an international return, you have to create and handle all fees associated to your return (including customs).

you can mail all returns to:

what is your return policy? 

we ask that if you wish to return an item, please do so within 30 business days, but if you wish to send in a give back you can do that at any time, free of charge.

in order to be valid to receive a full refund items must be unworn and unwashed and have all hangtags still on. if we notice that the items have been worn, you will not be eligible for a return. 

can i return an item i purchased on sale?

we do not offer any returns or exchanges on items that are purchased on sale. whether it be a site wide sale, a promotional discount code, if the item is below it's retail price aka marked down, the item is FINAL SALE.even if it does not indicate final sale in the product title when purchasing, it will always indicate if the item is final sale in the product description and in other areas throughout the website, in which it is the responsibility of the customer to know that the item cannot be returned or exchanged.


how does your sizing work for adults? 

all of our sweat set styles are designed to be a unisex fit. that being said, we typically notice men sizing up one to two sizes in the crewneck and/or sweatpants to create a looser fit. 

our sweats fit true to size depending on the style. 

how does your sizing work for babies? 

our baby sweats fit true to size / slightly snug in the crewnecks. we recommend sizing up if your baby is in the higher percentile for their age.