Cozy Holiday Craft Ideas for You and Your Babies

Cozy Holiday Craft Ideas for You and Your Babies

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are around the corner. Soon, snow will powder the ground, and parents will bundle their little ones in heavy coats. It’s important to note that this season may be different from ones in the past. Families will have to spend more time indoors to slow the spread of COVID-19. Here are some cozy holiday craft ideas for you and your babies if you’re looking for a way to fill the time.

Homemade Ornaments

Millions of families around the world celebrate Christmas. One way to get into the holiday spirit and add some decoration to the house is to make homemade ornaments with the kiddos. Luckily, there are multiple ways you can do this. One idea is to place brown construction paper over a paper towel roll to create an adorable reindeer. Another idea is to glue glitter on Styrofoam balls to add some extra shine. The kids will have a blast making these crafts, and the tree will look gorgeous.

A Wreath

Another cozy holiday craft idea for you and your babies to make a wreath. Wreaths are the perfect holiday accessory for your home because they set the ambiance for your home’s entrance. Parents will be happy to know their kiddos can help with this project. Start by taking the youngsters to a craft store where they can each pick out a different fabric. Then, when you get home, the kids can help wrap the material around a structure to create the wreath. Neighbors will undoubtedly give you compliments every time they walk by.

Construction Paper Christmas Trees & Snowflakes

Every parent knows that children love construction paper. You can combine their admiration for the crafting supply with their love of the holidays by creating paper Christmas trees. The task is so simple; it’s perfect for folks who don’t have much time to set things up. All you need to do is trace your little ones’ hands on construction paper and cut out the outline. Repeat this step a few times until you have several handprints. Then, shape the handprints like a Christmas tree. To switch it up, you could also create snowflakes from the various cutouts; after all, each sparkling snowflake is unique! Let your little ones have fun getting creative with all of the things they can make. You can hang these creations on the fridge and show them off to everyone who visits.

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