Do’s and Don’ts When Shopping for Sustainable Baby Clothes

Do’s and Don’ts When Shopping for Sustainable Baby Clothes

One problem plenty of first-time parents run into is a surplus of baby clothes; since everything is so adorable, you can’t help yourself. And all the baby gifts from friends and relatives add to the stockpile of clothing! When you buy clothes for your adorable mini-me, follow these tips on the do’s and don’ts when shopping for sustainable baby clothes.

What Not To Do

First things first: take note of what you should avoid before you hit the shops. As far as these do’s and don’ts go, note that you shouldn’t:

  • Buy elastic clothing: Tight clothes are especially uncomfortable for an infant.
  • Shop solely for style: Comfort is more important.
  • Shop in bulk: Your baby won’t wear everything in a season or size.

Babies go through many clothes, so you have to shop strategically. By knowing what to avoid, you can better understand the do’s since the two inner-relate.

What To Do

Now that you know what not to do when you shop, find out what to do. Make sure you:

  • Prioritize fabric: Some babies have sensitive skin or allergies to certain fabrics.
  • Consider comfort: Babies spend a lot of time relaxing, so keep your cutie cozy.
  • Evaluate clothing type: Think about the time of year and how old your child is.

By following these do’s, you buy your baby clothes they’ll wear time and time again. And the more wears your baby gets out of an outfit, the better, so shop strategically!

Prioritize Fabric

Naturally, most babies have more sensitive skin, and some fabrics are irritating. You can prevent discomfort by reading tags and avoiding synthetics. Organic clothing and that made of natural materials like cotton are less likely to irritate your baby’s skin. Avoid elastic clothing since it’s constricting and rubs the skin, which can irritate any baby, but especially those with sensitivities.

At all the babies, you can buy organic basic baby clothes that are suitable for all skin types.

Consider Comfort

While fabric plays into comfort, so does clothing type. Look for outfits that make movement easy for your child. Rompers and onesies are great for this, but avoid clothes with drawstrings since it’s a potential choking hazard.

Shopping for style may feel tempting, but some stylish outfits are uncomfortable. Instead, buy something your baby can easily play in.

Evaluate Clothing Type

Babies grow fast, so don’t buy too much of one size. Likewise, think about the time of year when you’re shopping—you’ll need clothing for each growth spurt throughout the year. And when you look at different sizes, you’ll need room for your little one to squeeze in a diaper.

If you decide to shop in bulk, shop for all times of year in a range of sizes. In doing so, you’ll avoid piles of unused clothes.

Shopping for baby clothes is fun for everyone, but you need to know the do’s and don’ts when shopping for sustainable baby clothes to make the right choices. Shop at all the babies for cozy clothes your baby will love!

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