Important Milestones for Your Baby's First Year

Important Milestones for Your Baby's First Year

Knowing the important milestones for your baby's first year is crucial as you watch your child develop; all babies grow at different rates, but most hit key milestones around the same time. While your baby may not seem to do much in the first month, they can already kick their little legs with excitement by three months. Ready your camera so you can capture these milestones as your baby grows!

Three Months

Around this time, your little bundle of joy should already be smiling when they see you—babies develop a social smile and begin recognizing people they see often. Moreover, babies learn how to imitate different sounds.

Watch them enhance their motor skills, such as:

  • Holding their head up independently
  • Lift their head while laying on their tummy
  • Grasp hand toys

Six Months

By the time your baby's six months old, their motor skills have progressed to them propping themselves up or sitting on their own. A six-month-old can also roll over or slide around on their tummy. Moreover, they'll cry to communicate when they're scared, lonely, or uncomfortable.

At half a year, expect your baby to:

  • Start eating solid food
  • Laugh and babble
  • Mimic facial expressions

Nine Months

Once your baby reaches the nine-month mark, they’ve progressed even further—they can now pick up small objects, respond to their name, and distinguish emotion based on tone. Better yet, at this age, most babies can sleep through the night without waking up or have learned to self-soothe.

Many nine-month-olds can also:

  • Sleep through the night
  • Hold utensils and self-feed
  • Play a game of peekaboo

Twelve Months 

After one year of life, there's a chance your little one said their first word! Additionally, at twelve months, babies can wave goodbye, may have tripled in weight, and understand "no." Your little one's become increasingly curious about the wide world around them, exploring cabinets and climbing on furniture as they crawl around.

At one year, enjoy:

  • Assisting your baby in walking
  • Dancing around with your baby
  • Looking at picture books together

Babies continue developing and learning more about the beautiful world around them, and it isn't long before they're running around the house, shrieking with joy. As you watch your little one develop and go through the important milestones for a baby's first year, keep them feeling safe and snug. all the babies sells the best clothes for your baby by putting comfort first—keep your baby comfy as they grow with cozy baby clothes to ensure they sleep and play blissfully!

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