Tips for Matching Your Baby’s Outfit With Yours

Tips for Matching Your Baby’s Outfit With Yours

Is there anything cuter than a mom coordinating outfits with her baby? Finding the perfect ensembles for twinning with your bundle of joy is easy and fun! Discover tips for matching your baby’s outfit with yours so that you can both be fashionable and adorable.


Begin planning your outfit and narrowing down your options by deciding whether you’ll be wearing something casual and chic or more formal. Other styles you could choose from include:

  • Tomboy: wear loose-fitting, unisex clothing.
  • Classic: dress in a comfortable button-down and black pants.
  • Romantic: wear soft colors, hearts, and ruffles.

Settling on a style also opens the door for some fun accessorizing! A bow or scarf adds the perfect accent to a piece, depending on what look you’re going for. For a cozy look, consider pairing sweats with a nice hoodie and scarf for you and your baby!

Color and Design

The next tip for matching your baby’s outfit with yours is to settle on a color or design. For example, you and your little girl could dress in pink A-line dresses, or you and your little man could each wear a cute blue shirt in similar shades.

If you’re looking for something more bold or playful, consider patterned outfits, such as those with polka dots, stripes, or plaid. Nothing’s cuter than a mom and her baby sporting matching flannel tops with some jeans and their best sneakers!

As you shop for the perfect outfit, make sure you buy sustainable baby clothing in good, sturdy fabrics so that your baby can wear it several times. Once you’ve settled on a style and color or design, it’s time to find that outfit! Look for the best shops for purchasing your matching outfits—you want to feel cozy and look adorable. Shop at all the babies for clothes that are both comfortable and fashionable.

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