What To Do When Your Baby Grows Out of Their Clothes

What To Do When Your Baby Grows Out of Their Clothes

Are you scouring the internet for what to do when your baby grows out of their clothes? While you could sell them, you could also store the best ones or get creative and breathe new life into them. For example, your baby may no longer fit into their favorite pajamas, but you could make the clothes into a teddy bear or blanket!

Store Them

When your baby outgrows their cutest or coziest outfits, it can be a bit disappointing, especially if it’s one they wore all the time. These outfits are adorable and sentimental! Although parting with some outfits may be easy, you may want to keep others.

Find your favorite of your baby’s outfits and wash them, then buy a plastic bin or box to store them in. If you have room in the basement or a closet, keep them there for safekeeping—and don’t forget to label your boxes!

Use Them as Hand-Me-Downs

If you have another child, plan to have another, or know of another baby younger than yours, hand-me-downs are a great option for old clothes. Not only do you prevent clothing from going in the trash, but you also give it a new life!

Hand-me-downs save you money when you have another child, or they make a loved one’s day. Hand-me-downs that are still in good condition could be a new child’s favorite outfit.

Pro Tip: Do a clothing swap with the neighborhood moms where you can trade your baby’s old clothes for something new!


Give back to your community by donating clothes that are old or no longer worn. For example, go through your baby’s closet and find outfits that don’t fit and hold no sentimental value, then donate them to parents who may be less fortunate. You could also use this as a learning moment for a growing toddler about the importance of empathy and paying it forward.

Other Creative Keepsakes

Plenty of crafters happily share their skills with the world; get new use out of old clothes by turning them into something new! Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • A quilt
  • A teddy bear
  • A pillow

You or a talented crafter could use the material from your baby’s worn clothes to make something new that your little one can always treasure!

Knowing what to do when your baby grows out of their clothes ensures you keep some outfits while purging others. Babies grow fast, so if you need new basic baby clothes for your bundle of joy, shop at all the babies. for organic and comfortable clothing!

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