Millions of people are struggling because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so everyone should do their part this holiday season. For parents, this includes getting the kids involved in charitable activities as well. Here are some wonderful ways for kids to give back to their community this time of year. It’s never too soon to lend a helping hand.


Kids can volunteer around town if they’re looking for a way to give back. Youngsters can spend time at a soup kitchen with their parents so that those less fortunate have full bellies this winter. Another idea is to volunteer at an animal shelter. Every parent knows how much little ones love animals. Bring your child to a shelter where they can give some love to a creature in need. However, adults should beware that the children may want to bring a pet home.

Help a Classmate

As previously mentioned, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed so many people’s lives. Individuals who weren’t struggling before might be worried about putting food on the table now. Kids who notice their friends are struggling more than usual should think about lending a hand. Youngsters can ask their parents to have pals over for dinner more often, and perhaps a child can donate old clothing. Little ones may feel empowered after helping someone in need.

Make Cards

Sometimes, people just need to be reminded of the kindness in the world. Luckily, kids are excellent at doing just that. Children can lift people’s spirits by putting their crafting skills to use and making holidays cards. Then, you can drop them off as a family. Some prime spots to drop off cards include:

  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals/healthcare facilities
  • Schools
  • Delivery warehouses

These are some wonderful ways for kids to give back to their community this season. Parents, you’re not off the hook. Consider shopping at allthebabies to give back to mothers in need. Purchase some organic vegan baby clothing for the people on your shopping list. You can rest assured that our products are safe, and we’ll take gently used items back to donate.

November 18, 2020 — Jenny Drew Garabedian