Collection: the new era drop 1 ~ in collaboration with mammafolk

meet a new era of all the babies. there was no better person to dream up this collection with than valerie metz (mammafolk). she has been supporting us from the beginning. this collection came through her vision and is an homage to her childhood, her culture, and her memories. 

we hope that when you wear these pieces, order these pieces, and make memories in these pieces, you too can have the feeling that these clothes bring to val––and the importance of what they mean to her: 

"being multicultural, I feel as if I relate to many diverse lifestyles due to my experiences and childhood growing up in my parents countries –– i connect to the warmth and loudness from the beach culture in Brazil and the vibrance and colorful culture in Mexico. I wanted to create something versatile that you can wear fresh out of the water after a beach day but be able to dress up at night, grabbing tacos and an agua fresca. My hopes with this collection is to inspire those who share the same experiences but also inspire those who don’t, to carry a piece of my beautiful cultures with them ❤️ " - valerie metz.