kids grow so quickly—especially as a baby and toddler. throughout the course of a year, you may find yourself going through two, three, or more wardrobe changes as your little constantly grows out of their outfits. of course, this can be fun for many moms and family members, as they’re able to pick and choose new and adorable outfits throughout the year. yet for some incredible mamas, financial hardships can create a need for support from other mamas in the community to clothe their growing babies throughout the seasons. this then begs the question: what can you or i do to help babies in need of clothing?

the mom to mom movement at all the babies

at all the babies, we want to give all the babies, all the love, all the time. this includes helping mamas and babies in need of clothing through our very business model. we were inspired to introduce a mom to mom movement that creates a direct path for you to give back. if you have gently used all the babies’ clothing your infant no longer wears, send it back to us, and we will hand-deliver each item to newborns in need of clothes.

join us in helping a baby in need and post on social #momtomom when you're ready to send clothes back to us.

local programs for women and teen moms

if you have more clothing and baby essentials than you know what to do with, this is a great opportunity to share the love in your local community. there are various online, national, and local organizations dedicated to helping make sure women have the resources they need to care for their little ones. depending on the organization, they may provide educational resources as well as meet their practical needs for clothing, diapers, formula, and other baby essentials.

wondering what you can do to help babies in need of clothing and other essentials? do a quick search in your area and you’re sure to find some amazing organizations in need of your support.