is there anything quite as adorable as a newborn onesie or a snuggly baby wrap? for mamas, papas, and family, the answer is definitely no. it’s easy to fall in love with cute patterns and the snuggly-est looking baby clothes online and in-store. before purchasing, how much do we really investigate where our infant’s clothing is coming from and how it’s made? perhaps not as much as we should. babies have incredibly sensitive skin, and any cotton material treated with chemicals can end up being incredibly harmful. the benefits of organic cotton for babies outweigh any hesitation for us, and we use it exclusively for all our organic baby clothes.

what’s the difference between organic and conventional cotton?

although they may look practically identical, the way in which organic cotton vs. conventional cotton clothing is made is strikingly different. from the soil seeds are planted in to the dyes used in processing, each style of producing cotton clothing has a different goal in mind. conventional cotton is used to make a quick profit, with little concern regarding the overuse of harmful chemicals, toxins, and farming practices. throughout the growing, harvesting, and printing process, various chemicals and toxins are present. this may never leave the clothing, making it harmful for your baby’s sensitive skin.

on the other hand, organic cotton is chemical and toxin-free. this is the greatest benefit of organic cotton for babies, as their skin does not resist chemicals and toxins as an adult’s skin does. the method in which organic cotton is grown, dyed, and printed is understandably more elaborate than with conventional methods due to the lack of chemicals used. when you purchase organic cotton baby clothes, you’re choosing the very best for your little one. organic clothing, such as our selection at all the babies, guarantees that the entire process—from seed to final product—is safe and the most comfortable for your baby.

benefits of organic baby clothes

keep your baby safe and sound with certified organic clothing and baby products. the list of benefits of organic cotton for babies is extensive—here’s a quick highlight of some of the top reasons why organic clothing is better.

  • better for the environment
  • creates quality standards for the textile industry
  • high-quality leads to longer-lasting wear
  • increased quality and comfort
  • reduces exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins
  • safe for baby’s sensitive skin
  • supports the fair treatment of workers

supporting the wellness of your baby and the cotton industry has never been more readily available. with a little bit of research, you’re sure to find incredible baby products and clothing that meet the safety standard we all want for our little ones.